How Much Does It Cost To Go Bowling? Budget-Friendly Bowling

How Much Does It Cost to Go Bowling

Bowling is a popular recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is a sport that involves rolling a ball down a lane in an attempt to knock down pins at the end of the lane.

Bowling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family.

However, many people are often curious about the cost of going bowling, and how much they can expect to spend on an average night out.

In this article, we will explore the various factors that can affect the cost of bowling, such as location, time of day, and day of the week.

We will also examine the average cost of bowling, as well as ways to save money on this popular activity.

Additionally, we will discuss additional costs to consider when planning a night out at the bowling alley.

By the end of this article, readers will have a better understanding of the cost of bowling and how to plan a fun and affordable night out.

Factors that Affect Bowling Costs

Despite the potential variability in pricing due to factors such as location, time of day, and amenities offered, examining the factors that affect bowling costs can provide a clearer understanding of the typical expenses associated with this activity.

Bowling alley location is one of the main variables that can impact the cost of going bowling.

Generally, bowling alleys located in metropolitan areas or tourist destinations tend to charge higher prices than those in suburbs or rural areas.

Additionally, the type of bowling game being played can also affect the cost.

For example, traditional ten-pin bowling is more commonly offered and tends to be less expensive than other variations such as candlepin or duckpin bowling.

Another factor that can impact the cost of bowling is the time of day.

Many bowling alleys offer discounted rates during off-peak hours, such as weekday mornings or early afternoons.

Conversely, popular times, such as weekend evenings, may come with a higher cost due to increased demand.

Amenities offered at the bowling alley can also impact the price.

For instance, some alleys may offer advanced technology such as automatic scoring systems or virtual reality experiences, which can come with a premium price tag.

Overall, understanding these factors can help individuals plan and budget for a fun and affordable day of bowling.

Average Cost of Bowling

On average, the price of a game of bowling ranges from $4 to $7 per person, with shoe rentals typically costing an additional $2 to $4.

The cost of bowling can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location of the bowling alley, the time of day, and any special promotions or events that may be taking place.

Some bowling alleys may also charge additional fees for things like renting a lane for a set amount of time, using special equipment such as bumpers or ramps, or participating in league play.

To give a better idea of how much bowling may cost, below is a table outlining the average fees for bowling and shoe rentals at a few different types of bowling alleys.

It’s important to note that these prices may vary depending on location and other factors.

Type of Bowling AlleyPrice per GameShoe Rental Price
Budget$4 – $5$2 – $3
Standard$5 – $7$3 – $4
Upscale$7 – $10$4 – $5

Overall, the cost of bowling can vary greatly depending on the type of bowling alley and any additional fees that may be charged.

However, on average, a game of bowling for one person can cost between $6 and $11, including shoe rentals.

Ways to Save Money on Bowling

One effective strategy for minimizing expenses when enjoying a game of bowling involves taking advantage of discounted rates during off-peak hours or participating in loyalty programs offered by bowling alleys.

Many alleys offer lower rates during weekdays or early mornings, so it can be wise to plan your bowling outings accordingly.

Additionally, many alleys offer loyalty programs that can provide discounts or even free games after a certain number of visits or spending thresholds.

These programs can be especially beneficial for frequent bowlers or those who enjoy the social aspects of the sport.

Another way to save money on bowling is to take advantage of group rates.

Many alleys offer discounted rates for larger groups, making it a great activity for birthday parties, corporate events, or other gatherings.

Additionally, some alleys offer package deals that include food, drinks, and other amenities, making it a great way to enjoy a night out without breaking the bank.

By taking advantage of these discounts and deals, bowling can be an affordable and enjoyable activity for individuals and groups alike.

Additional Costs to Consider

It is important to consider additional expenses when planning a trip to the bowling alley, as these costs can add up quickly and impact the overall affordability of the outing.

While the cost of bowling games and shoe rentals are the main expenses, there are other costs that should not be overlooked.

One of these is the maintenance of the bowling lanes.

Bowling alleys need to maintain their lanes to ensure they are in top condition for players.

This includes regular cleaning, oiling, and repair work.

The cost of lane maintenance is usually factored into the price of each game, but it can still impact the overall cost of the outing, especially if multiple games are played.

Another additional cost to consider when going bowling is shoe rental fees.

Most bowling alleys require players to wear special shoes while on the lanes, and these shoes are rented out for a fee.

The rental fee varies depending on the bowling alley and location but typically ranges from $2 to $5 per pair.

It is important to note that wearing personal shoes or sneakers on the lanes is not allowed, as they can damage the surface of the lanes.

Therefore, shoe rental fees are an unavoidable expense when going bowling.

By being mindful of these additional costs and factoring them into your budget, you can better plan for an enjoyable and affordable trip to the bowling alley.

Additional CostsAverage Cost
Lane Maintenance$1.50 – $2.50 per game
Shoe Rental Fees$2 – $5 per pair

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Bowl One Game?

The cost to bowl one game can vary depending on the location, time of day, and day of the week.

In general, the cost can range from $3 to $10 per game.

Some bowling alleys may also charge additional fees for shoe rentals or for playing during peak times.

It’s best to check with your local bowling alley for their specific pricing.

How Much Does It Cost To Bowl Per Hour?

The cost of bowling per hour varies depending on the location, time of day, and day of the week.

On average, it can cost anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour for a lane rental and shoe rental.

Some bowling alleys may also offer discounts or specials during certain times or days.

It’s best to check with your local bowling alley for their specific pricing.

Are Rentals (Shoes, Balls, Etc.) Included In The Cost Of Bowling?

It depends on the bowling alley.

Some bowling alleys may include the cost of shoe rentals in the overall price of bowling, while others may charge a separate fee for shoe rentals.

Similarly, some bowling alleys may provide balls for free, while others may charge a rental fee.

It is best to check with the specific bowling alley to determine their policy on rentals.

Can I Get A Discount On Bowling Costs?

Some bowling alleys may offer discounts during certain times or days of the week, or for group bookings or special events.

It is best to check with your local bowling alley for any available discounts or promotions.

Are There Any Bowling Alleys With Free Or Discounted Rates For Kids?

Yes, many bowling alleys offer free or discounted rates for kids.

Some even have special programs and events specifically for children, such as kids’ leagues and birthday parties.

It is best to check with your local bowling alley to see what discounts and promotions they offer for kids.

Are There Any Bowling Alleys That Offer All-Day Rates?

Yes, there are many bowling alleys that offer all-day rates.

These rates may vary depending on the location, day of the week, and time of year.

It’s best to check with your local bowling alley to see if they offer all-day rates and what the pricing may be.

Additionally, some bowling alleys may offer discounts or specials for groups or at specific times of the day.

Are bowling shoes included in the cost of bowling?

Bowling shoes are not typically included in the cost of bowling and are often rented for a fee.

The quality of rental shoes varies between bowling alleys, but purchasing one’s own shoes may provide a more comfortable and consistent fit.

Is there a difference in cost between weekday and weekend bowling?

Bowling alleys often charge higher prices during peak hours on weekends compared to weekdays due to higher demand.

Wait times may also be longer on weekends.

These differences in pricing reflect market dynamics and are not necessarily related to the cost of bowling.

Are there any age restrictions for discounted bowling rates?

Investigating the truth of theories regarding age restrictions for discounted bowling rates reveals that several bowling alleys offer senior discounts.

Eligibility for these discounts often begins at age 60 or 65 and may require proof of age.

Are there any additional fees for renting a bowling ball or purchasing snacks/beverages?

Additional fees may apply for renting a bowling ball, typically ranging from $4-$8 per ball.

Snacks and beverages can also be purchased at bowling alleys, with pricing varying depending on location and items chosen.

Can you bring your own bowling ball and shoes to save money?

Bringing one’s own equipment can save money in bowling.

However, it depends on one’s level of commitment and interest, as the maintenance of bowling balls can be expensive.


In conclusion, the cost of bowling can vary depending on several factors, and careful planning and budgeting can help individuals and families save money.

Whether it’s taking advantage of special deals and discounts, bringing your own shoes, or being mindful of additional costs, there are many ways to enjoy this popular recreational activity without breaking the bank.

So the next time you plan a trip to the bowling alley, remember to consider all of these factors and enjoy a fun and affordable day of bowling with friends and family.

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