What Are Bowling Shoes For? (5 Benefits Of Wearing Bowling Shoes)

Do you know what bowling shoes are for?  Bowling shoes are a type of shoe that’s designed specifically for use in bowling. What you wear on your feet during a game can make a big difference when it comes to how well you perform, but not all footwear is created equal – and the right pair of bowling shoes can be essential for anyone who wants to have an optimal experience. 

Bowling shoes are designed to give the player a better grip on the floor. They have rubber soles and usually come in leather or synthetic materials to offer comfort, stability, and durability. Another important function of bowling shoe soles is to protect against wear and tear caused by friction between ground and shoe over an extended period of time.

This is intended to provide better stability and traction for the bowler. What Is The Purpose Of Bowling Shoes? What Is The Difference Between Bowling Shoes And Regular Shoes?

These questions and more will be answered in this article!

What Is The Purpose Of Bowling Shoes?

The purpose is to introduce friction between shoe and lane. The sole of a bowling shoe is made of sticky material, so the bowler’s feet stay put on the floor. This prevents the bowler from slipping or crawling across lanes when it would be undesired, or have no effect on gameplay. It also helps the foot maintain contact with the ground during delivery. 

What Is The Difference Between Bowling Shoes And Regular Shoes?

Bowling shoes look like regular athletic shoes, but they have some very special features that set them apart from other footwear.

Bowling shoes are designed to help give bowlers an edge on the lanes. Their unique design and structure are engineered to help you roll a bowling ball more accurately and with better control than you would otherwise be able to.

Regular shoes don’t have many of the special design features that bowling shoes do. The most obvious difference between the two is that bowling shoes are very slick on top, while regular athletic footwear tends to be more textured.

Why Do You Need To Wear Bowling Shoes 

Bowling shoes provide protection from the slippery surface on which you’re bowling. Wearing bowling shoes allows for a smoother slide of your feet as it enters and exits the traction channel. Wearing normal outdoor footwear on the other hand makes it more difficult to keep balance and coordination as you try to throw a ball down an alley faster than 16 mph.

It also causes more friction so it slows down the speed of your throw and hinders your shot accuracy as well as reduces your ability to jump into or out of bowls that are too high off the ground for safety reasons.

The Benefits Of Wearing A Good Pair Of Bowling Shoes

  • Better Ball Control

Bowling shoes will provide better ball control for the release action of your finger as well as turning your hand over correctly. It provides a slightly deeper fit into the finger holes that is a more natural feeling and takes some of the strain off the joints in your fingers, wrist, elbow, etc.

  • Prevent Blisters

Bowling shoes will help you slide across the alley more easily as well as provide immunity from blisters on the soles of your feet. This is because of the modified sole that will spread your weight more evenly across your foot.

  • Foot Protection

Most importantly, good bowling shoes will protect your feet from germs and bacteria on surfaces in most alleys. They are especially helpful for older alleys that may not have flooring surfaces with drainage holes to allow fluids to escape. Although, it is recommended you wear socks with your bowling shoes to avoid moisture build-up that can cause bacteria growth.

  • Increase Speed

The closeness of the fit and deep fingers will allow you to transfer your body weight through your legs and increase the speed of your release. This is one good reason why many good bowlers wear bowling shoes. If they can achieve more speed without adding any other physical advantages, then wearing bowling shoes must be worth it!

  • Slippery Surface

Protect your feet from the slippery surface on which you’re bowling. There are many alleys that have a slippery surfaces. Bowling shoes give you much better traction on these types of surfaces.

  • Smoother Slide

Allows for a smoother slide of your feet as it enters and exits the traction channel of the bowling shoe. This reduces friction between your feet and shoes which allows for a more natural motion.

  • Keep Balance and Coordination

Bowling shoes will help you keep proper balance and coordination between actions of the legs, hips, upper body, and arm. It also allows you to align your feet correctly with your target.

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