Why Do Bowling Balls Have Holes In Them? [Explained]

When you go to the bowling alley, you’ll probably see a lot of bowling balls with holes in them.

You may be wondering Why Do Bowling Balls Have Holes In Them? 

It turns out that there is a good reason for them.

It is actually very important that the balls have these holes. 

Why Do Bowling Balls Have Holes In Them: Purpose of Bowling Ball Holes

There are three holes in a bowling ball, two-finger holes, and one thumb hole. 

There are a few reasons that bowling balls have holes in them.

The main reason is to provide ways to hold the ball.

The holes in bowling balls are there to provide the bowler with a grip. 

Bowling lanes are oily, and if there were no holes in the ball, it would be difficult to grip.

When holding the ball, your fingers should fit into the holes.

This will help you keep your grip on the ball, especially when you release it down the lane.

Without the holes, it would be much more difficult to control the ball and get a good throw.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Bowling Ball Holes

Why Do Bowling Balls Have 3 Holes?

The holes in a bowling ball are there to provide grip for the fingers.

The thumb hole is generally larger than the other two holes to provide more grip.

Can You Use A Bowling Ball Without Holes?

It is possible to use a bowling ball without holes, but it will not work properly.

The ball will not spin as it should and will not go as far as it would with the holes.

Why Do Some Bowling Balls Have No Holes?

Some bowling balls have no holes because they are designed for use on synthetic lanes.

These lanes do not require the use of oil, so there is no need for holes to help the ball grip the lane.

Do Any Pro Bowlers Not Use Thumb?

There are a few Pro Bowlers who do not use their thumb, but they are in the minority.

Most players find that using their thumb gives them more control over the ball.

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