Best Shoes for Sciatica Problems – Our Top Picks and Buying guide

Not being able to walk or participate in physical activity is the worst thing ever.

If you have sciatica pain, relief will be a priority when it comes time for shopping.

The best shoes for sciatica problems should provide comfort during walking but also offer good support while standing at work or doing other tasks around the house throughout the day.

With the help of experts and research, we have filtered eight top-quality shoes for sciatica problems that will fulfill all your needs.

Let’s take a look at which ones are the best shoes for Sciatica Problems.

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Top 8 Best Shoes for Sciatica Problems

Here we are with our top picks!

1. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Sneakers- Best Overall

Skechers Women's D'Lites Sneakers- Best Overall

Skechers’ sciatica relief shoes are the best!

They’re designed with a unique shape and feature that reduces pain when walking.

When you walk long distances, it’s important to protect your irritated nerve from contact or shock; these Skechers will do just that for you.

These leather and synthetic sneakers are perfect for treadmill training thanks to an air-cushion insert.

The heel and toe boxes have reinforced leather, while the rest of the shoe is made from breathable material that keeps your feet cool.


  • The value of this product is great for the price.
  • Design is attractive 
  • Get great traction


  • Degrades over time

2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture Running Shoes- Runner Up

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture Running Shoes- Runner Up

These ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture Running Shoes provide great comfort after a long, challenging run.

They have GEL technology that absorbs shock to reduce stress on your joints and legs during impact.

With different widths available for any foot size or shape, these shoes are perfect for outdoor runs along rocky trails.

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These shoes are sturdy and durable, yet also provide extra comfort.

They encourage your feet to move naturally while ensuring that you get the most out of each stride.

This means they’re great for walking or running but can also be used as everyday footwear.

If you enjoy lengthy outdoor jogs and are looking for a shoe with great support, these ones from ASICS should be your first choice.


  • GEL technology absorbs shock for a more comfortable run.
  • Different widths are available to fit any foot size or shape.
  • You’ll never have sore feet again! 


  • Ventilation is not up to mark

3. Gravity Defyer Women’s Pain Relief Shoes-Best Comfortable

Gravity Defyer Women's Pain Relief Shoes-Best Comfortable

Next in our top picks is the Gravity Defyer Women’s Pain Relief Shoes, which are best as they give a snug fit for all-day usage.

For customized comfort, these shoes have an airy mesh upper with conventional laces and lace-up fastening to secure your feet.

They also provide arch support through their high-quality construction of breathable materials so you can get on with whatever tasks life throws at you without discomfort or pain from weariness after long hours.

These shoes offer many great benefits including providing comfort with their cushioned polyurethane footbeds or customizing it using an orthotic insole if needed.

You can wear them while standing all day since they are durable enough to handle those conditions plus enjoy their versatility from being able to walk around town to hiking trails out west!


  • Cushioned polyurethane footbeds
  • Sleek and comfortable for long hours
  • Diabetic Friendly


  •  These shoes look big.

4. Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes-Best Budget

Vionic Women's Fitness Shoes-Best Budget

Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes have a man-made upper and are lightweight and comfortable.

The shoes include innovative biomechanical technology to avoid all types of sciatica discomforts.

These work shoes can be used with various outfits for a low cost!

If you’re unwilling to invest in expensive running shoes that will help prevent sciatica pain, the Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoes are perfect for you at an affordable price point.

Not only do these walking or working out sneakers contribute towards preventing most forms of back pain but they also provide support on uneven terrain thanks to their durable rubber sole.

Also included is an adjustable fit strap allowing your feet not only protection from rocks while hiking, but comfort as well.


  • Low cost
  • Better ankle support and protection
  • Great Breathability


  • If you have allergies, we recommend that these shoes are not for you.

5. OOFOS Women’s Pain Relief Sneakers- Best for Casual Wears

OOFOS Women's Pain Relief Sneakers- Best for Casual Wears

The OOFOS Women’s Pain Relief Sneakers can accomplish a lot.

This sneaker is great for treating many painful ailments, such as sciatica and bunions.

The secret to the greatness of this shoe lies in its adaptability which absorbs 37% more impact than other foam shoes with patented OOfoam technology which provides cushioning and stability while allowing natural movement.

The OOFOS Women’s Pain Relief Sneakers are also a great shoe for runners with plantar fasciitis and patellofemoral pain syndrome due to its sole that absorbs shock, it reduces stress on joints while increasing blood flow.

The benefits of the amazing patented technology offer increased impact absorption as well as superior comfort.


  • Great adaptability 
  • Impact absorption
  • OOfoam technology


  •    A little bit costly

6. Gravity Defyer Men’s Shoes for Foot Pain – Best Luxury

Gravity Defyer Men's Shoes for Foot Pain – Best Luxury

Want maximum protection and comfort?

Then Gravity Defyer is the shoe for you.

It’s got Verso Shock technology that not only offers a layer of cushioning but also returns energy to your feet, helping them move smoothly so it might help with sciatica symptoms too!

Pretty convenient because this sneaker ranks as one of the best shoes for pain caused by sciatic nerve damage according to its outstanding shock absorption properties. 

It promotes spine health by providing the best arch support and it can relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

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You want to feel good, do you?

Then look no further than these lightweight shoes that are also extremely flexible.

The best part: they’re ridiculously comfortable because they mold to your feet perfectly!

They give a soft touch and you don’t have to break them in.


  • Maximum protection and comfort. 
  • Relieves pain caused by plantar fasciitis
  • Verso Shock technology for shock absorption. 


  • The sole at the toe of the shoe sometimes gets apart.

7. Orthofeet Diabetic Women’s Leather Shoes-Best Cushioning

 Orthofeet Diabetic Women's Leather Shoes-Best Cushioning

These Orthofeet Leather Shoes are the best orthopedic shoes for diabetic women.

They’re stylish and great walking shoes that provide a wide toe box, rubber outsole, and shock-absorbing midsole to keep your feet comfortable all day long on any vacation or formal occasion.

The Diabetic Women’s Leather Shoes from Orthrofeet is one of the top orthopedics made specifically for people who suffer from diabetes.

This pair provides an extremely nice fit because it has a large front area that will not be tight around swollen toes but rather stretchy enough to accommodate them properly while absorbing impact.


  • Diabetic-friendly footwear
  • Flexible front area for a proper fit around swollen toes
  • Large toe box to reduce pain caused by corns and bunions
  • Sturdy rubber outsole for long-lasting wear


  • Tight at first

8. Orthofeet Proven Foot Pain Relief Women’s Leather Shoes -Best Breathable

Orthofeet Proven Foot Pain Relief Women's Leather Shoes -Best Breathable

Orthofeet Proven Foot Pain Relief Women’s Leather Shoes are our top picks for people with foot pain.

They come in a wear test of 60 days where you can return the shoes if they’re not comfortable.

These are Orthofeet orthotic shoes that provide great support and cushioning to ease your discomfort on the bottom of your feet, heels, arches as well as ankles!

The cushioned leather strap adds comfort at an affordable price too because these sneakers aren’t flashy or heavy like other brands yet modest enough that anyone could slip them into their wardrobe without any problem.

The best part is how stable it feels when walking around in these since there’s no slippage happening between my feet/shoes OR sliding inside.


  • Affordable, yet high-quality shoe
  • Orthotic shoe for foot pain relief with a 60-day free trial period 
  • Cushioned leather strap for extra comfort 


  • The design is not Impressive

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Sciatica Problems: Find Out What To Wear Without Pain

In the process of finding a good pair of shoes for sciatica, several factors are considered.

It might be difficult to choose the perfect shoe when there are so many great models with pros and cons that you must bear in mind.

What’s it going to take?

Evidently, you have some work ahead.


To find the most comfortable shoes, we should look for ones with bigger midsoles and more cushioning on the tongue, collar, and insoles.

We also want them to be as airy as possible so they can keep us cool while wearing them all day long!


When it comes to buying shoes, you must be vigilant about size.

If the shoe is too large or small for your foot then it won’t fit properly.

This will lead to blisters that force wearing open-toed footwear again instead of closed-toe with protection from debris which can exacerbate existing medical conditions like diabetes mellitus.

To avoid these problems before clicking “purchase”, read some internet reviews on different brands & styles as well as customer experiences so you’re making a more informed purchase decision!

Stress Absorption

To ensure a soft landing, the soles and midsoles of shoes should be shock-absorbing.

Highly absorbing outsoles and midsoles are needed to cushion the impact when you hit the ground hard.

The result will be that your feet feel nothing from striking solid footing after being cushioned by gel or EVA insulating material in shoe pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can shoes affect sciatica?

High-heeled shoes and shoes that do not have cushioned insoles cause sciatica because they provide insufficient arch support, causing your body weight to shift which puts strain on muscle near the nerve.

What shoes to wear with sciatica?

If you have sciatica, it can be painful to do strenuous exercises.

However, wearing shoes that are best for someone with sciatic pain can make doing everyday tasks more comfortable and take the pressure off of your back!

The shoes mentioned above may all work well if you’re suffering from this condition.

What causes sciatica to flare up?

Carrying too much weight and having poor posture can aggravate sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica is a condition where the radiating pain from one’s sciatic nerve causes discomfort, so it must be taken care of properly to avoid further issues.

What should I avoid if I have sciatica?

To avoid the pain associated with sciatica, physical games should be simple and one must maintain the motion of their limbs.

Strenuous activity or high-impact sports shouldn’t be done as they stress the sciatic nerve which can worsen symptoms.

What are the best shoes for sciatica sufferers?

According to a recent study, shoes with extra cushioning in the tongue and collar are best for sciatica sufferers.

These include Converse All-Stars, which make up 25% of all shoe purchases when it comes to people suffering from sciatica pain.

Final Verdict

Sciatica pain can be quite difficult to live with.

You won’t last long before the discomfort starts affecting your movement, which is why you need supportive shoes that are designed for those who suffer from sciatic back pain.

The Skechers Women’s D’Lites Sneakers rank first as they have a lot of features that make them ideal for anyone suffering from lower back and leg problems caused by their condition — even better if it’s sciatica!

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