Best Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fracture [ Review & FAQs] 2024

Best Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fracture

Are you suffering from a metatarsal stress fracture and in need of the perfect shoes to aid in your recovery?

Look no further!

We’ll guide you through the top shoe options that provide optimal support and cushioning to alleviate strain on your metatarsal bones.

With a medical professional’s evaluation, a walking boot, arch support, and Even-up Shoe Balancer can protect and support your foot during healing.

Proper orthotics and Vitamin D supplementation can also speed up recovery.

Get ready to make an informed decision and get back on your feet in no time.

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best running shoes after metatarsal fracture

Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fractures

best shoes after 5th metatarsal fracture

What is metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a foot pain usually described as a deep aching, burning, or throbbing sensation inside the metatarsal joint.

An injury may cause the condition, but it has also been seen in people with no other injury and may occur from overuse.

Possible treatments include stretching exercises for plantar flexors, Achilles tendon, and calf muscles and using night time splints to reduce swelling from prolonged periods on feet throughout the day.

How can metatarsalgia shoes and insoles help me?

Metatarsalgia shoes and insoles can help alleviate the symptoms and provide support and comfort for individuals suffering from metatarsalgia, a condition characterized by pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot.

Here’s how they can help:

  1. Cushioning and shock absorption: Metatarsalgia shoes and insoles are designed with extra cushioning materials, such as gel or foam, in the forefoot area.

    This helps to absorb and distribute the impact and pressure exerted on the metatarsal bones, reducing pain and discomfort.

  2. Arch support: Many metatarsalgia shoes and insoles feature arch support to provide stability and proper alignment to the foot.

    This helps to evenly distribute the weight and relieve pressure from the ball of the foot, reducing pain and strain.

  3. Metatarsal pads: Some insoles come with metatarsal pads, which are raised areas specifically designed to support the metatarsal heads (the bones in the ball of the foot).

    These pads help to offload pressure from the affected area, reducing pain and inflammation.

  4. Proper shoe fit: Metatarsalgia shoes are typically designed with a wider toe box to provide more room for the toes, allowing them to splay naturally and reducing pressure on the ball of the foot.

    Ensuring a proper shoe fit is crucial in preventing and managing metatarsalgia.

  5. Offloading pressure: By providing cushioning, support, and proper weight distribution, metatarsalgia shoes, and insoles can help offload pressure from the metatarsal bones.

    This reduces the strain and stress on the affected area, allowing for better comfort and improved healing.

It is important to consult with a healthcare professional or a podiatrist to determine the most suitable metatarsalgia shoes or insoles for your specific needs.

They can provide personalized recommendations based on the severity and underlying causes of your metatarsalgia.

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Best Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fractures

1. Saucony Zealot ISO Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Zealot ISO Running Shoe

If you’re looking for a running shoe that offers exceptional comfort and a customized fit, the Saucony Zealot ISO is worth considering.

With its neutral cushion trainer design and supportive, customized fit, these shoes are perfect for those who desire the best for their feet.

The Saucony brand is highly respected in the running shoe industry, known for its commitment to fit, feel, and performance.

The Zealot ISO features advanced technologies like PWRGRID+ midsole cushioning and an ISOFIT floating support cage, providing maximum comfort and support.

Weighing only 8.3 oz, these shoes are lightweight and perfect for long-distance running.

However, it’s important to note that the Zealot ISO is a neutral shoe and doesn’t provide support for overpronation.

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  • Rubber sole

Saucony Zealot ISO Running Shoe: A shoe perfect for runners looking to take their game up a notch.

The Saucony Zealots come equipped with thick rubber soles and provide excellent cushioning on tired feet while still being lightweight enough so as not to slow you down too much during long distances!

  • PWRGRID+ Midsole Cushioning

A Saucony Zealot ISO Running Shoe is a shoe that offers the perfect balance of cushioning and durability.

The PWRGRID+ midsole provides great stability while still allowing your feet to move naturally, making it one of the most comfortable sneakers on today’s market!

  • ISOFIT Floating Support Cage

The Saucony Zealot ISO is a shoe for runners who want the most comfortable, lightweight running experience possible.

ISOFIT’s floating support cage gives you extra stability while providing excellent arch plushness and flexibility to make every step feel like glass on snow!

  • Provides a customized fit
  • Lightweight, cushioned design
  • Get the support you need for your runs
  • Absorbs shock with every step
  • 4mm heel-to-toe offset
  • Expensive price tag

2. Brooks Ghost 14 Women’s Neutral Running Shoe

Brooks Ghost 14 Women's Neutral Running Shoe

You’ll love the Brooks Ghost 14 Women’s Neutral Running Shoe for its exceptional support and comfort.

If you’re looking for a shoe that will provide relief from metatarsal stress fractures, this is a great option.

The Ghost 14 is designed to offer stability and cushioning, making it ideal for those recovering from injuries or looking for extra protection.

With its neutral arch support and roomy toe box, you’ll experience a comfortable fit that allows for natural foot movement.

The shoe also features responsive cushioning that absorbs shock and reduces impact on your feet.

Whether you’re running or walking, the Brooks Ghost 14 will keep you comfortable and supported throughout your workout.


  • Simplified Midsole Construction 

The Brooks Ghost 11 is a shoe that provides comfort and reduces foot pain.

The design of the midsole was created with runners’ needs in mind, making it easier on your feet than some other running shoes out there!

  • Support And Cushion 

The Brooks Ghost 11 can be a game-changer for the average runner thanks to its cushioned heel and toe cups.

The updated DNA cushioning system provides stability, so you don’t get foot pain while still letting your feet BreatheEasy with their memory foam inside!

  • Smooth, Stable Ride ( Segmented Crash Pad )

The Brooks Ghost 11 shoe offers a smooth and stable ride, which is important for runners who don’t want their feet flying all over the place.

The midsole design includes three distinct elements (DNA Loft, Biomogo DNA, and Segmented Crash Pad.) These work together to prevent your feet from moving in random directions when you run.

  • 3D Fit Print Materials

This shoe is made with 3D Fit Print technology. This means that the shoe’s upper part was designed with 3D scanning to create a soft, secure fit! It also means that there aren’t any irritating seams inside the shoe.

This is important for runners suffering from foot pain because it can be caused by uncomfortable seams rubbing against your feet during exercise.

  • 3D Fit Print Upper Design 

The Brooks Ghost 11’s upper design is made with 3D Fit Print technology. It was designed using  3D scanning to create a soft, secure fit! It also means that there aren’t any irritating seams inside the shoe.

  • The perfect balance of cushioning and stability.
  • Smooth ride for a more comfortable run.
  • Run with confidence on any surface.
  • Feel the difference in every step you take.
  • Little narrow

3. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5 Running Shoe

When looking for the best shoes to alleviate the pain and discomfort of a metatarsal stress fracture, consider the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5 Running Shoe.

This shoe offers great cushioning and comfort, providing relief from leg and knee pain.

It has a wider toe box compared to other regular or medium-width shoes, making it suitable for those with wide feet.

The Bondi 5 is preferred over the newer 6 model according to reviews, as it has a spring and responsiveness that other brands lack.

However, it’s important to note that this shoe lacks sufficient arch support, so a custom insert may be necessary for additional support.

Overall, the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5 Running Shoe is recommended for its cushioning, reliability, and suitability for those with plantar fasciitis and foot pain.

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Bondi 5 Running Shoe


  • The Ortholite Molded Insole

The Ortholite Molded Insole has an EVA footbed for optimized comfort.

This ensures that your feet are comfortable and move free of pain or irritation.

The lightweight design of this insole ensures that it is very versatile, which allows you to use it with almost any type of shoe.

Another great thing about the Ortholite Molded Insole is that it comes with an anti-microbial cover to help keep your feet smelling pleasant all day.

  • Meta-Rocker Midsole

The HOKA ONE Bondi 5 Running Shoe is perfect for those who want to get their running fix and not break a sweat.

The Meta-Rocker midsole provides enough cushioning with its soft yet durable material, thus making it great on any terrain without the risk of injury from rocks or stones that could hurt your feet!

  • Zonal Rubber Outsole 

This Running Shoe is a high-concept shoe designed to take on any terrain or weather with its Zonal Rubber Outsole and adaptive fit system.

This super lightweight model also has some great features, such as toe-tap flex grooves that allow you to create the perfect stride for your running style, so it will feel natural no matter what workout routine suits YOU best!

  • 3D Print Structure

Hoka One One is a company that manufactures running shoes.

They are inspired by the natural motion of the human foot, thus creating a shoe that is flexible, light, and supportive.

Hoka shoes are designed with an Ortholite Molded Insole, which provides protection for your feet and the 3D print structure, creating a perfect fit to keep you comfortable while promoting stability.

  • Improve your running experience
  • Lightweight and durable
  • It gives you a more natural running experience
  • Get the support and cushioning you need to keep going.
  • Flappy sole

Best Walking Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fracture – Shoes For Ball Of Foot Pain

1. FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for Men 

For men seeking extra wide walking shoes to alleviate the pain and discomfort of a metatarsal stress fracture, look no further than the FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes.

These shoes are specifically designed to provide a wide toe box and high-instep design, ensuring maximum comfort and support for your feet.

The patented PropelCore sole offers excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on your metatarsals.

Made with premium-quality materials, these shoes are wear-resistant and will last you a long time.

The non-slip outsole provides stability and prevents any accidental slips or falls.

With these shoes, you can say goodbye to heel and knee pain as they provide relief and support.

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FitVille Men's Walking Shoes with Wide Toe Box Arch Support Lace Up Trail Running Sneakers Non Slip Work Shoes


  • Rubber Sole

The rubber sole is designed to be sturdy and provide the foot with a smooth contact surface that cushions each step.

The sole also has enough grip to keep you from slipping on different surfaces, even when the ground is wet or muddy.

  • Wide-Toe-box & High-Instep Design 

The FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for Men are designed to be slightly wider than the average shoe.

The high-instep design is also an excellent choice if you have high arches or high insteps that run parallel to the ground.

Many people experience discomfort in this area, and the FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes can help by providing sturdy arch support and plenty of room.

Check out the best cross-training shoes with arch support.

  • Patented PropelCore Sole

The PropelCore sole is made of rubber and provides the right amount of traction, cushioning responsiveness, and underfoot protection.

The sole also offers arch support so your feet can feel supported while walking on any surface.

  • Non-Slip Sole 

Non-slip soles are made from a material that absorbs moisture and reduces the risk of slips or falls.

Many walking shoes also have a non-slip sole to help avoid injury while walking on slippery surfaces.

  • The FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for Men provide comfort and support.
  • You’ll be able to walk without pain or discomfort.
  • Feel free to explore new places, knowing that you’re prepared with your FitVilles!
  • Size Problems

2. Vionic Women’s Agile KeaBest Walking Shoes for Metatarsal Problems

If you’re a woman seeking a comfortable and supportive slip-on shoe to alleviate the pain and discomfort of a metatarsal stress fracture, look no further than the Vionic Women’s Agile Kea Slip-On.

These shoes are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and support for those suffering from foot problems like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, and hammertoes.

The wide-toe box and high-instep design make them suitable for people with wider feet.

The patented PropelCore Sole offers excellent support and cushioning, while the durable suede and mesh fabric upper ensures comfort and dryness.

The non-slip outsole provides added grip and stability, and the shock absorption pads and solid heel ring offer relief from heel and knee pain.

Vionic Women's Fitness Shoes


  • Textile & Man-Made Upper

This is perfect for the busy executive.

Made of textiles and man-made materials, this shoe provides breathability with its smooth soles designed to protect your feet from Everyday wear.

  • Lightly Cushioned Insole

The Vionic Women’s Agile Kea Slip-On is the perfect shoe for someone who wants a sturdy yet lightweight pair of shoes.

The cushioning insole will make your feet feel safe and supported as you walk all day!

  • Removable Mesh Covered EVA Footbed

This shoe features a removable mesh-covered EVA footbed designed to provide you with the most comfortable and healthy experience.

The experience is enhanced with Vionic’s signature orthotic insert, designed for ultimate comfort.

  • APMA Seal of Acceptance

The APMA Seal of Acceptance is a voluntary safety certification for footwear.

The seal indicates that the footwear complies with certain requirements to reduce the risk of injury caused by slipping or tripping on the outsole or coming into contact with sharp or pointed objects near the outer edge of the sole.

  • Biomechanical technology

The biomechanical technology in the shoe is designed to provide the right amount of support for your foot without compromising breathability.

The Vionic signature orthotic insert is made from a biomechanical foam that helps ensure that the shoes stay supportive and responsive during your day-to-day activities.

  • It allows you to walk with confidence and stability
  • You can enjoy all life’s occasions without pain
  • Enjoy a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort
  • Wearing these shoes without socks may cause allergies in some people

best shoes after 5th metatarsal fracture

3. Reebok Work Men’s Guide Work RB3500 Industrial and Construction Shoe

If you’re a man in need of a reliable and supportive shoe to help alleviate the discomfort and pain of a metatarsal stress fracture, look no further than the Reebok Work Men’s Guide Work RB3500 Industrial and Construction Shoe.

This shoe is specifically designed to provide the necessary support and protection for those working in industrial and construction settings, making it an ideal choice for individuals with metatarsal stress fractures.

The Reebok Work Men’s Guide Work RB3500 Industrial and Construction Shoe offers a range of features that make it a top choice for those seeking relief from metatarsal stress fractures.

Its 100% leather construction ensures durability and long-lasting comfort, while the rubber sole provides excellent traction on various surfaces.

The shoe also meets ASTM F2892 Safety Standards, offering a soft toe for added protection.

Additionally, the wrap-around external TPU heel counter improves fit and torsional rigidity, promoting stability and reducing strain on the metatarsal bones.

Overall, the Reebok Work Men’s Guide Work RB3500 Industrial and Construction Shoe is a reliable and supportive option for men with metatarsal stress fractures.

Its durable construction, slip-resistant outsole, and protective features make it an excellent choice for those in industrial and construction fields.

However, it’s important to note that some users may find the shoe to be too heavy or lacking in breathability.

Reebok Work Men's Guide Work RB3500 Industrial and Construction Shoe


  • ASTM F2892 Safety Standards

ASTM F2892 is a safety standard that refers to the protection against crushing and puncture of the toes.

The 2008 revision incorporates changes in the footwear design with better protection, reduced weight, and reduced cost.

  • 100% Metal Free

The engineering design of the shoe is made up of 100% metal-free construction.

The shoes are designed to withstand harsh working conditions, with a durable sole that can also be used as an effective tool for digging into the ground.

  • Electrical Hazard Protection

The safety toe is designed to reduce the risk of accidental contact with dangerous electrically charged parts.

The safety toe has an additional layer to act as a barrier in case your feet come into contact with electrical hazards.

The metal wire mesh also protects against punctures, and the steel toe cap protects against injury in the event of drops or falls.

  • MemoryTech Footbed 

MemoryTech is a technology that Reebok has created, which includes a memory foam footbed to help reduce the fatigue that sets in from standing for long periods.

It also features a cushioned foam for an added layer of comfort and support and a non-pinching heel stabilizer.

  • Durability that lasts
  • Comfort you can depend on
  • The rubber sole provides traction even on wet surfaces
  • Memory foam footbed for all-day comfort and support.
  • Slip Resistant does not work well
Check Price On Amazon

2. Twisted X Boots Men’s Peanut Steel Toe Met Guard Driving Mocs

Looking for a reliable and protective shoe for your metatarsal stress fracture?

Look no further than the Twisted X Boots Men’s Peanut Steel Toe Met Guard Driving Mocs.

These shoes aren’t only comfortable, but they also provide the necessary support and protection for your injured foot.

With their steel toe and met guard, you can be confident that your foot is well-protected from any potential hazards.

The driving moc design allows for easy movement and flexibility, while the peanut leather adds a touch of style.

Whether you’re walking on snow or in the desert, these shoes are suitable for all terrains.

Don’t compromise on comfort and safety – choose the Twisted X Boots Men’s Peanut Steel Toe Met Guard Driving Mocs.

Twisted X Men's Work Steel Toe Chukka Driving Moc


  • Lace-Up Closure

People often use lace-up closures to create a snug fit.

There are many different types of laces, but one of the most common ones on shoes is flat cotton or nylon (or other synthetic material).

The ends are usually square-shaped and typically pre-sewn onto shoe tongues.

  • Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is a type of leather that has a genuine, natural surface.

It does not contain any artificial or imitation materials and can be used for many purposes.

Making this type of leather also tries to minimize the environmental impact so that it can simultaneously be both comfortable and eco-friendly.

  • Comfortable Handcrafted Footwear

Footwear with a handcrafted feel and design can be comfortable and stylish.

A good example of this is the Twisted X Boots.

This footwear is comfortable enough to wear daily without any issues or pain.

  • Steel toe and metatarsal guard for added safety
  • Soft, inlaid footbeds will give you great cushioning
  • Protects your feet and toes
  • Not Good for a Long Walk

Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of walking on a stress fracture in your foot can wear it down and cause nasty repercussions later.  You can reduce your risk of developing this condition by wearing comfortable shoes with proper arch support and shock absorbency.

You can look for signs to determine if you have a stress fracture.

The most common stress fracture symptom is constant pain on the top, outside, or inside ankle bone.

This can also occur in your heel bone, depending on where the injury is located.

Which Shoe Is Best For Metatarsal Fracture?

The best shoes for metatarsal fracture problems are the ones that provide adequate cushioning and protection to the injured area.

Foot care tips for stress fractures must be followed before selecting a shoe.

Some people might need crutches or other devices to help them get around if their injury is severe.

A stress fracture can take between four and six weeks to heal completely.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations for taking it easy and resting the foot before beginning any form of physical therapy or exercise.

We have reviewed the best shoes for metatarsal stress fractures.

You can take a look at them before finalizing your purchase.

Walking with a metatarsal stress fracture is generally not recommended as this can exacerbate the injury and delay healing.

If you must walk, try to avoid high-impact activities and wear supportive footwear.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right shoes for metatarsal stress fractures is crucial for optimal support and cushioning during the healing process.

The Saucony Zealot ISO, Brooks Ghost 14, and HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5 are excellent options for running shoes.

These shoes provide the necessary support and cushioning to protect the metatarsal bones while allowing for a comfortable running experience.

For everyday walking, the FitVille Extra Wide and Vionic Agile Kea Slip-On are highly recommended.

These shoes offer comfort and support for walking activities, reducing the impact on the metatarsal bones.

For those in industrial or construction work, it is important to find shoes that offer both protection and support.

The Reebok Guide Work RB3500 and Twisted X Boots Driving Mocs are great choices.

These shoes are designed to withstand the rigors of the workplace while providing the necessary support to prevent further injury to the metatarsal bones.

Remember to consult a medical professional to determine the severity of the stress fracture and to receive recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Following the recommended guidelines for recovery, such as rest and proper footwear, will help ensure a faster and more successful healing process.

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