Should Basketball Players Lift Heavy Or Light (5 Facts)

Many basketball players are uncertain about what weight to use when they lift weights.

This can be a problem because if you don’t use the right amount of weight, then it won’t benefit your game.

The following article provides five facts about should basketball players lift heavy or light that will blow your mind.

Should Basketball Players Lift Heavy Or Light?

Yes, basketball players should lift weights, but the choice between heavy or light weights depends on their goals.

If they aim to improve their jumping ability and quick movements, they should lift light weights.

However, if they want to focus on muscle growth, they should lift heavier weights.

Five Facts About Basketball Players Lift Heavy Or Light Weight

Should Basketball Players Lift Heavy Or Light
  • You should always use heavy weights for lower body exercises

For the most part, you should always be using heavyweight when you are doing lower body exercise.

This is because this area will have a great influence on your speed and jumping ability.

Some examples of this include deadlifts, squats, and lunges.

  • You need to use lighter weights when you are doing an upper-body exercise

When you are working on your upper body, use lighter weights.

This is because this area doesn’t support speed or jumping ability like the lower body.

A good example of this includes pushups and pull-ups.

  • Use heavy weights for 6 to 12 repetitions

For your muscles to grow, you need to use heavy weights for 6-12 repetitions.

If you are using the right weight, it will be hard for you to do more than 12 reps.

  • Use lighter weight for 15+ repetitions

When you are doing an exercise that has 15 or more reps, then use lightweight.

Your muscle won’t grow unless you are using lightweight for this many reps.

A good example of this includes triceps dips, biceps curls, and calf raises.

  •  If you can do more than 15 reps with a certain weight, then you need to use a lighter one

If a certain amount of weight is too easy for you after you have done 15 reps, then it is time to use a lighter weight.

Your muscle won’t grow unless you are using lightweight for this many reps.

Top Questions About Basketball Players Lift Heavy Or Light Weight

Here are some important questions related to weightlifting for basketball players

Does Lifting Weights Affect Shooting Basketball?

No.  Lifting weights will not directly affect basketball shooting.
Is It Better To Lift Weights Once A Day Or Twice?  Twice a day may be better for some people, but others may only need to lift once a day in order to make gains in muscle growth and strength.  What is important is to find what works best for you, and listen to your body.
To Lift Weights Do You Need A Gym Membership?  Not necessarily.

You can lift weights at home or even outdoors if available.

The only thing that is important is to make sure that you are lifting with proper form under the supervision of a trainer or experienced weight lifter.

How Long Can You Lift Weights For?  

You can lift weights for as long or as short of a time period as is needed to achieve the desired training effect.  It may be beneficial to alternate light and heavy weight lifting days in order to avoid becoming burnt out.

It is always best to ask a trainer or weightlifting professional for specific workout routines that are designed around your training goals.

Can You Get Ripped With Light Weights?

Yes, you can get ripped with light weights by focusing on a high-protein diet and cardio.  Doing this will allow for the build of lean muscle mass which would increase your strength and decrease body fat percentage over time.

It will not happen overnight, but the effects are worth the time and energy you will put into your workouts.

Is It Better To Lift Before Or After Basketball?

It is generally better to lift before basketball because it will allow you to have more energy for your workout.  If you are lifting at home or another place that does not have a weight room, then it would be best to lift after playing so as not to waste energy on the court.

What Age Should Basketball Players Lift Weights?

Lifting weights will not affect performance, so there is no real reason why teenage basketball players should not lift.  If anything, it may help older players avoid injuries and play longer.  However, they should always consult with a trainer first before beginning any weight training regimen.

Do College Basketball Players Lift Weights?

Yes.  In fact, a lot of college players lift weights even more than professionals because there is a larger focus on weight training in order to get stronger and prepare for the next level of play.

But it is important for college players to not focus only on weight training in order to make sure that they are also focusing on practicing their true sport.  But lifting weights will definitely help their game and allow them to compete at a higher level than if they did not lift.

How Often Should Basketball Players Weight Train?

It is important for basketball players to weight train as often as they can in order to increase their strength and speed.  But every player should listen to their bodies, and rest as much as possible because it is a physical exercise that takes a toll on the body; lifting weights is not like running where you will become physically exhausted.  Players should also avoid lifting weights right before basketball games, as it is important to have energy for games.

Why Are Basketball Players So Skinny?

Basketball players are skinny because they spend a lot of time training and practicing their sport.  Therefore, they do not have as much time to focus on building muscle mass.

But lifting weights will help them build lean muscle mass in order to improve speed and strength so that they can become more competitive in their games.

Do NBA Players Squat Heavy?

Yes.  In fact, a lot of them squat very heavily in order to build mass and increase vertical jump.  But it is important for the pros to not only focus on heavy weightlifting because it can also have negative effects on performance.


Weightlifting is a way to gain the physical strength needed for sports, but it’s also beneficial for people who are not in athletic fields.

You should use the perfect pair of Basketball shoes for such types of workouts.

If you’re looking to get stronger and less stressed out during your day-to-day life, weight training may be just what you need!

Start today by focusing on using proper form when lifting weights under the supervision of an experienced trainer or someone with experience.

It will help build lean muscle mass which can positively affect our self-esteem.

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