Are basketball shoes good for lifting? (3 Benefits & Drawbacks)

Basketball shoes have been around for some time and are commonly worn on the basketball court, but what about off the court? Are basketball shoes good for lifting?

In this article, we’ll find out if basketball shoes can be used as weightlifting shoes. Keep reading to find out if they can help you gain that extra edge when you hit the gym!

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Lifting?

No, Basketball shoes have high arches, making them too rigid and flat to support a weightlifting workout. Basketball sneakers were never meant to be weightlifting shoes.

A few key factors Such as raised heels and lack of appropriate ankle support make them less ideal.

Are basketball shoes good for lifting? (Benefits & Drawbacks)

Instead, opt for a dedicated pair of weightlifting footwear. Weightlifting footwear is designed specifically with ergonomics in mind namely fit and support and provides more traction on both sides of your foot, improving stability when lifting heavyweights.

Every sport or activity has its needs and requirements. Basketball players need some specific shoes and basketball referees need specialized shoes for their work.

The players who play at center and power forwards they need specific Basketball shoes for centers and power forwards positions.

Here’s how to decide whether or not it’s safe to use your favorite pair of sneakers for weightlifting. 

First, consider your foot shape: 

Weightlifting is a great exercise for people with wide feet; when there’s ample room around your toes, you can truly feel everything happening in your foot during lifts like squats and deadlifts.

So you should consider your foot shape before going to lift the weight. Basketball shoe should fit in a proper way so they may not hurt feet.

Consider what material your shoe is made from: 

Lifting weights isn’t fun on a slippery surface, so make sure that your shoe has enough grip to keep you steady through exercises like pull-ups and lunges.

As an added bonus, sticky rubber tends to last longer than smooth leather because it doesn’t absorb water (which also makes it more sanitary). 

Factor in your shoe’s construction: 

While you may think that all sports shoes are built to support high-impact activity, this is far from true. For example, some running shoes feature air-cushioned soles that are meant to help joggers stay balanced by distributing impact shock over a larger area of their feet.

However, these same features can get easily squashed under heavy load; they don’t protect against crushing forces, which could put stress on muscles and cause injuries such as muscle strains.

Benefits of Lifting with Basketball Shoes: 

  • They’re often lightweight and easy to move in; it’s easy to do fast, explosive drills while wearing them.
  • They’re very flexible; as your body moves, they move with you, helping reduce strain on your joints and lower back.
  • They often have a solid grip, which helps you maintain your balance and stay on your feet.

Drawbacks of lifting with basketball shoes

  • The thickness of some running/basketball shoe outsoles limits how much weight you can lift; you won’t be able to get low enough with your squat form. 
  • Some running shoes lack sufficient cushioning, so you may be overly sore from impact during intense lifting sessions. 
  • The thick rubber soles of some basketball shoes may prevent full ankle mobility and make lateral movements difficult.
  • It’s easier to roll your ankle in a running shoe than in a heavy-duty athletic shoe.
  • In some cases, using too much of your body weight in a squat can lead to serious knee injuries; however, many people argue that such concerns are overblown and shouldn’t scare you away from lifting weights while wearing some kind of running or walking shoe (but you may want to consider buying another pair with more support). 


Hope so you are now clear about “Are basketball shoes good for lifting?” In spite of the above benefits of lifting with basketball shoes, we suggest you consider your activity and routine before deciding. Do you lift regularly or do you do sometimes?

If you lift regularly you should buy a specialized pair of shoes for weight lifting purposes but if you do sometimes you can wear basketball shoes.


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