How Long Does It Take To Break In Basketball Shoes? (3 Factors)

How long does it take to break in basketball shoes? It depends on the person and the type of shoe, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to make sure your shoes are broken in before you start playing any serious games or even practice in them. 

Continue reading to find out how long it takes to break in basketball shoes and how to go about doing it correctly.

How Long Does It Take To Break In Basketball Shoes? (3 Factors)

What You Should Know About Breaking In New Shoes?

Making sure your shoes fit properly is one of the most important things when it comes to comfort. The problem with new basketball shoes is that they’re often stiff and uncomfortable for a short time. 

Some people (myself included) have to break in a pair of new basketball shoes for weeks before they’re completely comfortable. But how long does breaking in basketball shoes really take? Let me answer that question…

Do You Have to Break in Basketball Shoes?

The break-in process of a new pair of basketball shoes is a pain. And some people think it’s essential to their performance and to prevent blisters on the court. New tight shoes may cause blisters. That’s why it is suggested to break in your shoes before playing.

Is breaking in your shoes worth it? Maybe… but you don’t have to break them in if you don’t want to! Let’s talk about how long it takes to break in your basketball shoes and what else you can do if breaking them in is not for you.

Break-In Time Varies From Shoe To Shoe

Since every shoe is made of different materials, some take longer to break in than others. Tight and stiff shoes breaking in the process may take more time. 

In general, basketball shoes are known for being extremely comfortable once they’ve been broken in however, it can be quite a bit of work before that happens. 

The more research you do ahead of time, whether it’s reading reviews or asking friends how long their shoes took to break in, the easier it will be once your new kicks arrive at your door. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect when breaking in your next pair of sneakers!

Breaking time will be less if your shoes have a perfect size and are properly fitted to your foot. We answer questions about “is breaking in shoes a myth?” with ease here.

What Kind Of Break-In Period Do I Have To Go Through?

Most basketball shoes require some break-in time, but just how long depends on your foot shape, gait, and style of play. If you’re a point guard that likes to get out in transition and change directions quickly, a little stiffness is going to help your footwork. 

Either way, keep in mind that these things take time even after wearing basketball shoes inside your house or playing at practice for a couple of weeks, it can still feel like they need an adjustment period once you hit the court.

Break In Time Depends On Use

Breaking in basketball sneakers can be a bit of a challenge, particularly if you’re new to playing. However, those who regularly play pick up an easy break-in period with their pair. Every player uses different shoes for different roles in basketball. So how they are being used is also a factor to estimate the break-in period.

For Example, some players play at very tough positions like centers and power forwards, they use special shoes for centers and power forwards to make the game more comfortable and Basketball referee wear special shoes for their roles.

Depending on how long you use your pair of shoes depends on when they will break in completely and mold to your feet perfectly. 

This can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 5 weeks or more, so it may not seem like they fit right away!

How Can I Make Sure My New Sneakers Are Broken In By Game time?

This can be a tough question to answer, as every player has their own preferences when it comes to their shoes and how they feel on their feet. 

The best way to make sure you’re breaking in your shoes properly is by alternating between playing in them and wearing them casually throughout your day.

If you’re really trying to get a head start on breaking in sneakers, there are a few tricks that can help you out! Read on for more information.

Which Factors Affect The Length Of Break-In Period?

The length of time it takes to break in a new pair of basketball shoes depends on a few factors. These factors are:

  • Shoe construction, 
  • Thickness of the midsole, outsole,
  • Comfortability. 

It is important that shoe manufacturers know these specific factors so they can build quality footwear for athletes. I will now dive into these key components of breaking in shoes and what effect they have on your feet!

How To Break In Basketball Shoes Overnight?

You can break in your shoes overnight (to varying degrees of success) by doing one or a combination of two things: Heat and pressure. You can use a hot dryer, heat gun, blow dryer, or any other appliance that heats up the air. 

For example, if you have access to an oven you could turn it on at about 100 degrees for about 15 minutes to create warm air inside of your shoe. Alternatively, you could place a heavy object over each shoe and then add socks over them to compress them as much as possible while they are being heated. 

Once they cool down they should feel more comfortable to wear immediately, but there’s no guarantee.

Alternatively, you can put them on when you go to bed and then leave them on until morning. If they’re new Nikes, wear socks that wick away moisture—if they’re Adidas, shoot for cotton or wool. 

Once you wake up, your feet will be good to go. Wear them all day long; don’t take them off! Keep them even while you sleep. The idea is to get your feet accustomed to playing in stiff shoes ASAP. You can also use a shoe stretcher to expand basketball shoes.

Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to figure out how long it takes to break in basketball shoes, remember that it’s mostly a matter of preference. I would encourage you to try on different types of shoes and go with whichever pair is most comfortable for you. Hopefully, these tips help make your decision a little easier.

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