5 Quick Tips to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

How grippy are your basketball shoes? If they slip on the court, you’re not going to be able to perform at your best and won’t even enjoy yourself as much during games. 

You could buy brand new shoes that are designed with better traction, but if you want to extend the life of your current pair or just make them more comfortable, here are five quick tips to make basketball shoes more grippy.

5 Quick Tips to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

How Can You Make Your Basketball Shoes Have More Grip

This is one of those things that you should check out every time you get a new pair of basketball shoes. And you probably have never thought about it. But it’s worth doing from time to time because its effect on your performance can be dramatic.

It’s called your traction pattern and it can make all of the difference when playing basketball.

So how can You make Your basketball shoes have more grip? How do You make Your sneakers not slippery? It’s easy – just follow these simple tips

Tip 1: Clean Your Shoes

If you want your shoes to be more grippy, you first need them clean and dry. You don’t want any grime or sweat residue causing your feet or shoes to slip.

If they are wet or dirty, give them a quick wipe down with a towel and let them air-dry overnight. You’ll notice that they will become noticeably more grippy once they are clean and dry again.

 Getting dirt, debris, and moisture out of your shoes can help make them more grippy. Even if you only play basketball once a week, it’s still worthwhile giving your shoes a quick wipe down after every game. It will keep them clean and they’ll be more grippy than they were before.

Tip 2: Heel Support

There’s a reason why you put heel support in your shoes. It adds traction, which allows you to stop and start more quickly. As an added bonus, it also helps relieve pressure on your Achilles tendon.

For basketball shoes,  look for shoes with extra cushioning around your ankles. This will help provide additional stability while stopping and starting, as well as protecting against ankle injuries.

Shoe traction also has a lot to do with how you wear your shoes. If your toes hang over the edge of your shoe, there’s more surface area for them to hit, increasing friction.

This is why it’s important that you try on shoes and make sure they fit before you buy them. Lastly, when trying new basketball shoes, always make sure that you have time on the court in which to play.

Remember that playing basketball in new shoes is different than walking around in them!

Tip 3: Use an Anti-slip Spray

There are anti-slip sprays out there that you can use on your basketball shoes to give them more traction. 

 Anti-slip sprays can make basketball shoes much more grippy, especially when you’re on a shiny floor. Spray a bit of anti-slip spray on each shoe and spread it evenly across its surface.

Allow it time to dry before hitting the court. Note that different types of basketball shoes might require different types of anti-slip sprays.

 A very easy tip for making basketball shoes more grippy is to use an anti-slip spray on your shoes.

Tip 4: Wear Sport Socks

Many basketball players find that wearing sports socks (especially brands designed for running or hiking) makes their shoes more grippy.

This is a matter of preference, but it’s something worth experimenting with. An added bonus: cushioning keeps your feet from getting sore and prevents blisters as you play.

Try switching out your dress socks for an extra pair of athletic ones before heading out onto the court.

Tip 5: Add an Insole

Adding a thin insole can do a lot for your shoe’s traction. In essence, they’re just gripping pads. But it’s surprising how much of a difference they can make! If you want a little more grip, try adding an insole with some gripping material on it.

If you want even more grip, try adding two insoles one with grippy material and one without, and then wear socks over them! This is an easy way to get great traction without having to buy new shoes.

Final Words

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line basketball shoes, you’ll want a pair that has great traction.

The best way to ensure your shoe has excellent traction is by making sure it uses non-marking soles (as opposed to slick soles). With these tips in mind, you can now find a pair of basketball shoes that give you more control on and off the court. Good luck!

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