How Best Bowling Shoes for Sliding Could Make A BIG Difference (Review)

Bowling is a sport that many people enjoy and can be very competitive. When it comes to bowling, the shoes you wear can make a big difference in how well you do. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best bowling shoes for sliding. 

Bowling shoes are a must-have for anyone who loves to bowl. They provide stability and grip that is essential when it comes time to take those perfect strikes.

Here is the List of Top Bowling Shoes for Sliding

Review of Best Sliding Bowling Shoes for Optimal Slide and Traction

1. KR Strikeforce Ignite Bowling Shoe with Interchangeable Slide Pad

Our Top Pick
Best Bowling Shoes for Sliding




  • Keeps feet cool and dry
  • Provides a comfortable, flexible fit
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Provides a comfortable, secure fit

Our Review:

The KR Strikeforce Ignite Bowling Shoe is a great choice for bowlers looking for comfort and performance. The soft mesh and microfiber upper provide a comfortable fit, while the lace-up closure ensures a secure fit.

The CMEVA outsole offers plenty of cushioning and support, making it perfect for those long hours on the lanes.

The Sta-Dry feature ensures that your feet will stay dry, even when sweating. The open mesh tongue and collar provide maximum breathability, keeping your feet cool and comfortable all day long.

The biomechanically contoured design ensures a perfect fit, while the lightweight construction makes them easy to wear all day long.

The shoes feature an H-Bar heel locking system that helps to keep the shoes in place while bowling. This system is especially beneficial for those who have trouble with their shoes slipping off during their game.

The shoes also come with Ortholite 3D Deluxe Insoles, which provide superior cushioning and support. This helps to reduce foot fatigue and increase comfort.

  • Superior grip
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect for all bowlers
  • Not for beginners


2. Dexter Men’s SST 8 Best Sliding Shoes for Professionals

Our Top Pick


  • Get the perfect fit every time
  • The perfect shoe for any bowler
  • No laces to tie
  • A secure fit for every bowler

Our Review:

The Dexter Men’s SST 8 Power-Frame BOA bowling shoe is the latest and greatest from Dexter. The BOA lacing system ensures a perfect fit, while the BOA Fit System Disc Lacing allows you to adjust the fit on the go. 

The patented SST Technology provides superior slide and stability, while the toe drag protector prevents wear and tear on your shoes. Plus, the H5 Saw-Tooth Heel on Slide provides extra traction and stability when you need it most.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The shoes have a great grip and traction
  • The shoes are affordable and durable
  • They are stylish and come in a variety of colors
  • Dexter Men’s SST 8 runs small


3. Dexter Bowling – Best Bowling Shoes Slide Bowler Woman

Our Top Pick


  • U-Throat upper pattern
  • Fully fabric-lined with padded tongue and collar
  • Soft, supportive footbed with memory foam

Our Review:

Dexter Bowling shoes are perfect for women who want shoes that are comfortable and stylish. The soft, durable man-made upper is perfect for extended wear, and the U-throat upper pattern provides a secure fit.

The fully fabric-lined shoes feature a padded tongue and collar, ensuring hours of comfortable bowling.

The soft footbed provides plenty of cushioning and support, while the fabric surface prevents your feet from sticking to the floor.

You’ll also love the non-marking rubber outsole that won’t leave any scuffs on your lane. Plus, there’s even a toe bumper to keep your toes safe!

  • Variety of Products
  • More Strikes for Women
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Dexter Bowling shoes are affordable
  • Not as Comfortable as Some Other Brands


4. KR Strikeforce Flyer Lite Men’s – Best Slide Bowling Shoes

Our Top Pick
KR Strikeforce Flyer Lite Men's - Best Slide Bowling Shoes


  • True-to-size fit for a comfortable fit
  • High-traction heel pods for a smooth
  • High abrasion non-marking rubber heel pods
  • Slide control

Our Review:

The KR Flyer Lite Men’s Bowling Shoes are perfect for those who love to slide. The EVA outsole provides a lightweight cushion while the FlexLite technology ensures uniform cushioning.

Strikeforce’s new Flyer Lite bowling shoes have a non-marking rubber heel pod that helps to control slides.

With a traction pattern designed for high abrasion surfaces, these shoes are perfect for those who want to bowl with more accuracy and consistency.

Strikeforce Bowling Shoes from KR offer an all-white microfiber slide pad for easy glide and better ball control.

The shoes are also made with a lightweight EVA construction that provides stability and support. With these shoes, you can look forward to a smooth, consistent experience when hitting the lanes.

  • A great choice for beginners
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s affordable and durable
  • Unstable at high speeds


5. Brunswick Vapor – Honorable Mention

Our Top Pick


  • Performance synthetic uppers
  • Foam padded collar and tongue
  • Extra-light molded EVA outsole

Our Review:

I’m really happy with my Brunswick Vapor bowling shoes. They have synthetic uppers that are really comfortable and breathable.

I don’t have to worry about my feet getting too sweaty while I’m bowling. The shoes are also really lightweight, which makes them easy to move in.

Foam padded collar and tongue: I really like the foam padded collar and tongue on my Brunswick Vapor bowling shoes.

I don’t have to worry about my toes getting pinched or poked by the pins. The rubber outsole is also very durable, which makes it a great choice for beginners.

The extra-light molded EVA outsole on my Brunswick Vapor bowling shoes is quite durable. It’s also nice because it doesn’t make the shoe very slippery.

The uppers are also extremely breathable, which helps keep my feet cool while I’m bowling.

  • A great choice for beginners
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • A great choice for casual wear

  • Some of the models are not available in women’s sizes.


6. Dexter T.H.E. 9 Bowling Shoes For Sliding

Our Top Pick
Dexter T.H.E. 9 Bowling Shoes For Sliding


  • Toe-hold system
  • Hyperflex hinge
  • Symmetrical outsole

Our Review:

If you are looking for a good pair of bowling shoes that will help you improve your game and last a long time, look no further than the Dexter T.H.E. 9.

The T.H.E. 9 is a great entry-level bowling shoe, with a very comfortable design that allows you to concentrate on improving your technique and timing.

The shoe features a unique internal toe-hold system that will help you grip the ball better and provide a secure fit.

The shoe also has a hyperflex hinge system, which is a multi-directional hinge that will flex in every direction, allowing for a natural and comfortable motion when you step up on the footboard.

The shoe also features a symmetrical outsole system, which makes it easier to balance and increase your stability. The outsole is also made to be flexible, which helps you move freely and improve your timing.

The raised heel design will help prevent you from slipping and sliding when you are stepping up on the footboard, and the secure fit is designed to be tight, but comfortable.

The T.H.E. 9 is also available in men’s sizes, and it’s a perfect option for beginners as well as intermediate bowlers.

The Dexter T.H.E. 9 is a great entry-level bowling shoe, and it will give you a great start in improving your game.

  • Tight, but comfortable
  • Very comfortable
  • Great for beginners
  • Not Much Durable

7. Brunswick Fuze Men’s Bowling Slide Shoe

Our Top Pick
Brunswick Fuze Men's Bowling Slide Shoe


  • The raised rubber heel for a controlled slide
  • This shoe is made for both right and left-handed bowlers
  • Breathable mesh uppers and Extra-light molded EVA out

Our Review:

Brunswick’s new Fuze bowling shoes for men are engineered for breathability and extra-lightweight comfort. The mesh uppers allow your feet to breathe, while the extra-light molded EVA outsoles make them feel like you’re not wearing any shoes at all.

You’ll be able to move and groove on the lanes with ease in these stylish and functional bowling shoes.

Brunswick’s Fuze Men’s Bowling Shoe is designed to help you slide more easily and control your slide better.

The raised rubber heel gives you a controlled slide, while the Pure slide microfiber slide soles on both shoes provide an immediate, smooth slide.

  • Extra-Light Molded EVA Outsole For a More Natural Feel
  • Pure Slide Microfiber Slide Soles For Easy On and Off
  • Comfort and Support All Day Long
  • For Some People, they don’t slide well

What to Look for When Buying Bowling Shoes For Sliding at Allay

There are, however, a few factors that you need to take into account when purchasing bowling shoes. Here are the best ones for sliding:


Bowling shoes that are too heavy will cause you to lose balance and stability during your game. A good pair of shoes will be light but provide the stability you need.


The brand of bowling shoes you choose is a personal decision. You will want something that fits well, provides the support you need, and looks good enough that no one can tell it’s not a high-end sneaker.


The material used to construct the bowling shoe is also a personal choice. You will want a pair of shoes that will hold up for a long time, regardless of how many times you wear them.


The cushioning in the bowling shoe is important. A good pair of shoes will provide you with all of the support you need, but will also be comfortable enough to keep you from getting blisters during your game.


The style of your bowling shoe is a personal choice. You can choose to go with a traditional sneaker look, or you can go for something that looks more like a high-end tennis shoe. 6. Price Finally, the price of the bowling shoes is important.

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