Are Basketball Shoes Good for Tennis? [Best Guide 2022]

Basketball shoes are designed to help you run faster, jump higher, and play better defense, but will they actually help you play tennis? Many people use basketball shoes to play tennis, but is it the best choice?

This guide on whether basketball shoes are good for tennis will help you understand how basketball shoes differ from tennis shoes, why basketball shoes make sense in some cases and don’t in others, and which types of tennis footwear are best depending on your playing style.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes for Tennis?

Basketball shoes aren’t good for tennis because they don’t offer you as much support. The lack of firm arch support will leave your foot unstable, which is bad news in tennis where you need to have your feet firmly planted. 

With no ankle support, you won’t be able to generate enough power on your shots either.

Are basketball and tennis shoes the same?

A lot of people think that basketball shoes will work fine for tennis. This is simply not true; you don’t want to use basketball shoes to play tennis. Why? Because they offer very little stability and control, you won’t be able to shift your weight effectively from one foot to another. 

When playing basketball, running, or playing any sport with your feet constantly moving, there is a high risk of injuries.

Basketball shoes were made with specific movements in mind, so using them to play tennis could result in sprained ankles or torn ligaments, tendons, and muscles—even if you are an experienced player.

They are also built differently than regular athletic shoes; they have less cushioning on impact points like toes and heels as well as less stability.

What shoes can you use for tennis?

Now that you know basketball shoes aren’t a good option, what should you wear to play tennis? You’ll want to invest in a pair of court shoes or athletic shoes specifically designed for tennis.

They are made with greater stability and control so they can move easily and effectively on both hard surfaces like cement and grass. If you can’t find court shoes in your area, try shopping online. Many brands sell them at discount prices.

What Do Basketball Shoe Reviews Say About Basketball Shoes vs. Tennis Shoes

Basketball shoes, commonly known as sneakers, are designed to help basketball players run and jump on a basketball court.  They have thick rubber soles with rubber treads that give traction on slippery surfaces like wood floors.

Basketball shoes also have high heels that make it easier to jump high. But does that mean basketball shoes are good for tennis? Or should you get tennis shoes instead?

Basketball shoe reviews, especially by actual basketball players, say that basketball shoes are not ideal for tennis. Basketball shoes do have thick rubber soles and a high back heel to make it easier to jump. But that’s not really what you need when playing tennis.

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